Hi, I'm Emily. I make comics, draw detailed linework with dip pens and illustrate weekly cartoon strips in the Beano!

I've been self publishing my art since 2012, working for Beano since 2017 and drawing since I could hold a pencil!

I was chosen as an industry representitive for Boundless Productions' "The Apprentice" in 2018 where I followed instructions of the contestants to create a comic. 


Illustrator, Cartoonist, Comic Artist


I'm a self-taught illustrator who dabbles in Graphic Design as the day job.
I have a passion for illustration and I believe that, along with my talent, is what has got me where I am today.

• Illustration

• Cartooning

• Comic Creation

• Product Management

• Branding


2016 - Present

Beano Studios/DC Thomson


I've been illustrating for Beano for 2 years. I've worked on Rubi's Screwtop Science, Pie Face, Paul the Potato and Tricky Dicky. 

In addition, I've also worked on other projects for Beano Studios. Illustrating the cover of The Times Literary Suppliment, Painting the Minnie Lisa to be hung in the McMannas Art Gallery and Illustrated several mobile games.

2012 -  Present

Self Publishing


I self publish a number of titles including Surviving a Zombie Outbreak - a guide for zombies, A World Beyond and Once upon a Dream.

I have travelled around the UK selling my original content at Comic Conventions for several years - look out for me at a convention near you.


2019 - IOIC Shortlisted

Best Communications Campaign

Surviving a zombie outbreak - and other Business Continuity problems. (Illustration)

2018 - Industry Specialist

The Apprentice

Boundless Productions